“The premise of the JUNE ROSE pilot breathes fresh life into the concept of a period piece revolving around a ‘60s housewife. Less Betty Draper and more Betty Friedan, June Rose and her circumstances will be refreshingly different from anything that has been depicted on television before." - The Black List

Inspired by true events with reverberations today, historical family drama JUNE ROSE: An American Odyssey chronicles the trajectory of a restless 1960s housewife who unearths her proud, matriarchal Cherokee heritage and defies her conservative Catholic husband to join the Native and feminist revolutions.

CREATIVE STATEMENT: Set in San Francisco and the Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma, JUNE ROSE is inspired by my mother's mid-life discovery of her Cherokee heritage, and includes dramatizations of early 20th C. Cherokee traditionalists, the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, and the Indians of All Tribes' Occupation of Alcatraz. Themes of family, identity, self-determination, and intergenerational trauma shine a fresh and provocative light on women’s, mixed-race, and Native American narratives.

SYNOPSIS: In a San Francisco bursting with protests, police, and Flower Power, June Rose Wilder, a housewife and mother of three rebellious teenagers, permanently raises her family’s consciousness when she reunites with her estranged father and accidentally discovers her long-hidden Cherokee ancestry.

Determined to learn more, she returns to college amid Equal Rights, Vietnam, and feminist protests. Tom, her World War II Navy commander husband, vehemently opposes her: "A woman’s place is in the home!" Defying Tom, June returns to college, where she passionately connects with her charismatic Native American professor, Ben Fleetwood, and real-life Red Power leader Richard Oakes, who orchestrated the Occupation of Alcatraz.

Inspired by the matrilineal Cherokee clans and their Beloved Woman, Nan'yehi (Nancy Ward), June immerses herself in her newfound culture as she learns the devastating true history, modern plight, and determined fortitude of Indians in America.

But a wrenching identity crisis forces June's marriage, faith, and sanity to the breaking point even as she earns a personal and political voice -- and, above all, peace with her ancestors.




- Quarterfinalist, ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship, 2019

- JUNE ROSE is a fiscally sponsored project with Filmmakers Collaborative SF. https://www.filmmakerscollaborative.org/june-rose