"Fast-paced and creative crime drama BUZZ is a dark and suspenseful story and Kora is a memorable, passionate, and unique protagonist. The action writing, from beginning to end, is crisp, vivid, and efficient. The bees are a clever and well-executed part of this premise. The psychologically thrilling aspects that also play into the trauma Kora has had in her past as she's pursued by the killer make the script even more nerve-wracking and dynamic." - The Black List

BUZZ: A post-modern dance thriller set in San Francisco.

LOGLINE: An outspoken but vulnerable young dancer overcomes her inner demons to pursue her career dreams while a serial killer pursues her -- to his own destruction.

SYNOPSIS: Still grieving the death of her mother, beekeeping modern dancer and date rape survivor Kora Rosewood (24) leaves her rural home for a last-ditch dance audition in San Francisco. There, she moves in with post-punk diva Violet Velocity and wins the title role in a re-visioning of the Persephone myth, choreographed by flamboyant, genderfluid Soleil. Kora also wins the romantic affections of her dark, moody dance partner, Ash, but rejects his PTSD-triggering advances.

As Kora and Violet bond over art and love, news stories multiply about a serial killer with a penchant for raping, mutilating, and murdering young, dark-haired dancers.

And someone is following Kora: Is it the farmboy-cute but fanatical street preacher who frequents the North Beach bar where she waitresses -- or his arrogant, homophobic deacon? Is it the off-kilter and death-obsessed Ash, who dances opposite Kora as “Hades”-- the mythical abductor? Is it a random San Francisco “crazy”? Or is it the killer himself?






A multi-media project of film, dance, and music performance, BUZZ was developed via the California Film Institute and optioned by Mar Vista Entertainment in 2019.