Genre:  Dance/Thriller

Overview:  A "Me,Too" dance thriller and performance-based feature film set in contemporary San Francisco BUZZ explores female connections, loss, and empowerment through the lens of myth, spirituality, and dance. It's also a buddy/love story between two very different young women who agree on one thing: Art is Life.

Logline:  An outspoken but vulnerable young beekeeping dancer overcomes her inner demons to pursue her dreams -- while a serial killer pursues her.

Synopsis:  After her beekeeper mother is cleared of cancer, modern dancer Kora Greenwood, 22, leaves their isolated, rural home for a city artists’ space, where she wins an audition for “Persephone,” a feminist re-visioning of the myth of abduction, destruction, and renewal. Kora’s friend, post-punk diva Violet, composes music and lyrics for the performance as news stories multiply about the Stalker, a serial killer terrorizing the city.

While the Stalker continues his grisly attacks, Kora is accosted by aggressive men and tries, unsuccessfully, to elude the romantic attentions of her dance partner “Hades” – the moody and violent-prone Ash. When the choreographer of “Persephone” is killed, Kora is overcome by her suspicion that Ash is guilty. She flees from him to the imagined safety of her mother’s rural home, where the Stalker finds her, and brutally attacks. Desperate, Kora fights back with the only weapon she has....


Selected for the Mill Valley Film Festival’s Master Screenwriters seminar, “Telling the Woman’s Story” and as a Sundance Screenwriters Lab second rounder, BUZZ embodies the Persephone myth of abduction, destruction, and renewal in a postmodern, post-Hitchcockian thriller featuring the redemptive power of Nature via…BEES!

BUZZ is a multimedia project endorsed by Squaw Valley Screenwriters; Helen Jacey (Jailbird Detective,The Woman in the Story); Jennine Lanouette (CFI, Screentakes) and SFSU Professor Pat Ferrero (Mendocino Film Festival Program Director).